Ra Scion AKA @ryanabeo rocking the mic at the @imperialmotion gallery night at @evo

#goodpeople #goodmusic #goodbeer #youreintheclear #vsco #vscocam #madewithfaded

dumps like a truck, truck, truck #sisqo

evan & @dammitpaytan


Day 15.

dat hip doe #stevenspass

baby girl @tchowsaywat at the west hollywood library

night rides pt. 2

getting ready for some night rides once this weather clears

new summer hangout spot™

#so to this man sam olson for all the help he’s been through the years

Jeff at at Twinline Motorcycles putting in some time on an incredible CB350

the b-ham battle

#tbt summer rides when it was actually warm out


Finalizing album artwork and new music for tomorrow.

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